Prices for original paintings are calculated by running inch, typically running around $55 per running inch.  This equates to $3-5k for the smaller sizes up to $8-15k for some of the larger paintings. 

Occasionally, I will accept a commission for a piece within a genre that suits my artistic persepective and style.  Commissions require a 35% deposit before starting, a second installment of 35% before finalization of the finished painting, and the final 30% upon delivery.

As an alternative, archival reproductions are available for most works in a number of options, from 20 x 20 inch prints on metal priced at $750; framed, signed, and authenticated archival rag prints priced around $500 (image size 11 x 11 inches in a 20 x 20 inch frame), and signed, unframed archival rag prints on 17 x 22 archival rag prints at $200 each.

Galleries, decorators, and other intermediaries are offered a professional discount.

To discuss particular works of interest, please don't hesitate to send a request.

Original framed painting installation

Original framed painting installation

Reproduction print (metal) installed

Framed Reproduction print (archival paper) installed